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Amy Bumpus Named 2019 Dedicated Teacher

Each Spring the Pullman Public Schools Board of Directors awards one teacher with the "Dedicated Teacher Award". This year, based on a heartfelt nomination from Principal Cameron Grow, Lincoln Middle School English/Language Arts teacher Amy Bumpus was honored with the recognition from the Board. 

Just a few of the kind words Mr. Grow had to say about Mrs. Bumpus:

“It is my pleasure to nominate Mrs. Amy Bumpus, a 7th grade English/Language Arts teacher at Lincoln Middle School, for the Dedicated Teacher Award.   This is Amy’s 12th year at LMS. 

Disposition is the primary quality of a successful educator, which epitomizes Mrs. Bumpus.  Mrs. Bumpus recognizes that students have different developmental needs.  She does an excellent job of making instructions clear to the students in her class.  Teamwork and individual growth are evident in every lesson.  Her lessons are a balance of direct instruction, guided practice, and active participation.  She strives to ensure that students at all levels are successful.

Mrs. Bumpus demonstrates the five key elements that make her an effective teacher which include: a genuine caring and kindness, a willingness to share the responsibility involved in a classroom, a sincere sensitivity to students’ diversity, a motivation to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students, and an enthusiasm for stimulating the students’ creativity.

Mrs. Bumpus currently teaches Read 180 and general 7th grade English/Language Arts and is co-teaching our 7th grade students who need specially designed instruction with Kelly Schultheis.  She excels at ensuring growth for all her students.  She always places students and their learning first.

To teach all students according to today’s standards, teachers need to understand subject matter deeply and flexibly so they can help students navigate these standards.  Mrs. Bumpus demonstrates this in every lesson she teaches by connecting ideas across curriculum and to everyday life. Her knowledge in the area of writing is unmatched and this carries through in her teaching.

Amy’s a highly effective teacher that understands the English content and explains it at each student’s level, which maximizes her effectiveness as a teacher. She displays competence and interest in a variety of areas, which sets a positive example for our students, and encourages them to explore new areas of knowledge.  She has led our English/Language Arts team for many of her years here at Lincoln and we see the results each year as she regularly has 80+% of her students making standard.

Mrs. Bumpus’ classroom culture is a cognitively vibrant place, characterized by a shared belief in the importance of learning. She conveys high expectations for learning by all students and insists on hard work. Classroom interactions among the teacher and students are highly respectful, reflecting genuine warmth and caring and sensitivity to students as individuals.  Students exhibit respect for Mrs. Bumpus and contribute to high levels of interaction between all members of the class.  Because her students work hard every day, Mrs. Bumpus ensures there is time for celebration of growth as well.  This has been evidenced multiple times throughout the year as students always know they can celebrate what they have accomplished.

Amy has been a driving force in our district for many years.  Mrs. Bumpus has many positive attributes, but her most positive is her ability to collaborate with others to ensure student success.  She has had multiple teaching partners throughout her years, but one thing always stands clear… her ability to collaborate for kids.  Her work this year with co-teaching and the ability to find the time necessary to ensure her kids receive the best instruction is unmatched.  She mentors new teachers in the building which means she is always giving back to our future teacher leaders.  She builds a team atmosphere at every opportunity.  Having Mrs. Bumpus in your building only makes that building better!”


Congratulations, Amy!