Lincoln Middle School Ensuring Learning While Challenging and Supporting Each Student to Achieve Full Potential

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Welcome, from Superintendent Maxwell

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year!
As we prepare to embark on another school year, we face new opportunities and challenges in advancing our common mission: Ensuring Learning While Challenging and Supporting Each Student to Achieve Full Potential.
This year, I hope to continue to build upon our community’s amazing support for our district and the important work that we do. I want to highlight all the exciting things happening in our schools and help community members see why their children—or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors or other children in the community - benefit from our exceptional school system.
Each of you plays a key role in that effort. I encourage you to let your friends and neighbors know that we are challenging our students to reach their full potential and working to actively engage them in their learning. Share how we are equipping students with the tools and skills they need for future success, starting the day they enter school. Explain how we are working hard to build a safe, supportive, engaging and welcoming learning environment where all students are treated fairly and with respect.
I invite you to join me in celebrating the great things happening in our school in your daily interactions!
Our work is not easy, and none of us can accomplish it alone. Each person in our learning community plays a critical role in helping our students succeed! We all look forward to serving your student this school year!
Bob Maxwell