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LMS Distance Learning Schedule

LMS Families,
As we adjust to doing distance learning, our plan to ensure students can access the material in a systematic way is evolving.  Up to this point, we have been following a schedule that is very similar to the schedule students would have while attending school in person. However, we are aware that this method has been difficult for students and families. We want to continue to evolve as we learn to deliver distance learning more effectively. The schedule you see below is in response to input from families and our own growing understanding of best practice for distance learning. This new schedule has specific days in which students should work on material for their classes.  With this new schedule, students will only need to work on a few classes each day.  The plan is to begin this schedule on Monday, May 18th .

Much of the feedback we have received is that it is difficult for students to plan their week and manage assignments well.  We hope this updated schedule helps students to manage distance learning better!

Teachers will still post all assignments for the week no later than Monday morning at 9am.  This gives students the freedom to work ahead if they would like to do so.  This also gives kids a chance to look ahead and see the work that is assigned for the week.  We are hoping this eases some of the anxiety of “Distance Learning” which is new to all of us! 


 LMS Distance learning schedule




1.     My middle school student received all their work on Monday for his/her classes.  What do they do on Monday?  Students will work on material from their specialist class/es as well as English/Language Arts and Math.  Students will have the same schedule on Tuesday.  They will then work on Social Studies, Science, and specialist courses on Wednesday and Thursday.  Examples of Specialist classes are given on the sheet above.

2.     What if my student doesn’t complete the work on the indicated days?   We will accept student work for the remainder of the semester, even after the due date.  Students can turn work in to their teacher when it is finished…no matter what day it is.

3.     Why have a schedule?   Many of our students are struggling to come up with a schedule for themselves during the school week, and this is difficult on many families.  We have tried to map this out for students and parents to show what work should be done on specific days.  This will also give teachers better opportunities to provide meaningful feedback to students on their work on other days of the week.  We want students to engage in school during this time, but our goal is to ensure they are learning as well. 

4.     What if my student wants to do all their work for the week early…can they still do this?  Of course.  This is a guide for students, not a directive.  Students can still complete work early and turn in to teachers when they are ready,  that is why all assignments will still be posted on Monday mornings.

5.     So if my student has a schedule that works for them can they stick with that?  Yes

6.     Based on the schedule, what will students do each Friday?  This is a chance for students to finish anything they did not complete Monday-Thursday,  including work from all their classes, including specialists.  Teachers will be conducting zoom meetings and checking in with students who may be struggling and providing meaningful feedback for all kids.

7.     Does each teacher set up their times for zoom meetings or when their office hours take place?  On the bottom of the schedule are guidelines for office hours or check ins with students.  Teachers may offer more opportunities than the ones listed and for longer periods during the week.  This will be communicated to students on an individual class basis.  Stay tuned.

8.     Why make this change now?  This is new for all of us! We are learning more and more about Distance Learning every day and our plans will evolve over time, and we are dedicated to improving as we learn.  The goal is to provide a structure for students and develop a building wide approach to Distance Learning. 


Please feel free to email me if you have more questions:  .  We are trying to get really good at this, really fast.  It’s a process! Thanks for continuing to support LMS and our teachers. 


Take care,

Cameron Grow
Lincoln Middle School