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Reading Resources

There are many resources to help your child broaden and improve his/her reading skills. 

One of the benchmarks noted on the M.A.P. (Measure of Academic Progress) test scores in Reading is the lexile score. Consulting a list of books within your child's lexile range will help develop skills while reducing frustration or struggling. Although not all books have had the lexile rating determined, consulting the following websites can help you suggest books for your child or give suggestions to friends and family when gift-giving questions arise.

Not very many teachers or librarians have the time to read all the books available to the students. One great resource for us (and students and parents alike) are the summaries of books found on websites. Some are mentioned below.

Another resource helpful in developing and improving reading skills can involve you and your child or the whole family. The following sites have many discussion questions for many different books. Even if you, as the parent, do not have the time to read the same book your child is, the questions offered are a good device to gage how well your child is comprehending the material as well as give you some ideas of the type of questions to ask about their reading material.

We are very fortunate to have many excellent libraries in our area. Their websites offer many features besides a catalog of their holdings. For book holdings, summaries, reviews, etc., visit the following sites:

Neill Public Library
210 N. Grand Ave.
Pullman, WA


Moscow Public Library
110 S. Jefferson St.
Moscow, ID

Whitman County Libraries:
Colfax: 102 S. Main, Colfax, WA 509-397-4366
Palouse: 235 E. Main, Palouse, WA 509-878-1513
Albion: 310 N. F St., Albion, WA 509-338-9641


Washington State University Libraries