What does the Distance Learning Schedule look like?

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What do we do about Labor Day?  We don’t have a Monday in school that week.

We will have students for synchronous instruction for each of the four days after Labor Day.  We are going to adjust the days so we don’t miss class time.  PHS is doing the same.


Tuesday, September 8th -  We will have synchronous learning in the afternoon with periods 0, 1, 2, and 3 (Just like a normal Monday schedule)

Wednesday, September 9th -  We will have synchronous learning in the afternoon with periods 4, 5, 6, and 7 (Just like a normal Tuesday schedule)

Thursday, September 10th -  Will be unchanged

Friday, September 11th – Will be unchanged.

In other words, we will have students for classes each day that four day week. We are just moving the normal Monday/Tuesday schedule to Tuesday/Wednesday that week.

How do I change my student's schedule?

The best way to request a schedule change would be to email Paula Cartwright at: pcartwright@psd267.org. She will be able to help and give you more information about your student's schedule.

Where can I see my student's schedule?

You can view your student's schedule on Family Access/Skyward, here.

What is 0 Period?

0 Period is for 8th Grade students taking Spanish.

Why does my student's schedule show back to back classes on their schedule?

For English and Math. We have what is called a "block" schedule. It allows for more time in those classes by having a period and a half. Skyward does not allow us to "split" periods so the first period shows up twice even though it's only for half of the period and the class following is the other half.

When is lunch?

Lunch is 11-12 Monday/Thursday

10-11 Tuesday/Wednesday

Friday will probably be 10-11 because 4th period is 11-12

What does PLC stand for?

PLC stands for Professional Learning Community. What that means is schools is that our teachers are working together in teams to develop professionally to better meet the needs of students. Drop in support time is for all content areas, the time just varies by day. 

Will the live learning sessions be taped?

Yes, the live learning sessions will be taped and accessible in the teacher’s Google Classroom. There might be a delay for downloading and uploading the videos, but they will be there eventually. Several teachers will have alternative videos for students to watch. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your child’s teachers.

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